Design capitalist or communist — where do you stand?

A picture of Indian rupee notes scattered
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How to make your content inclusive, and why it’s important

Woman holding up a sign that says “Human” while the background says “She, He, They”
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If you are not…

Hint: it’s got to do with making lists

How a few small changes can make a big difference to feature discoverability

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Watch out for these in your tool, to keep your workspace and design processes neat and tidy

How a beautiful blend of fairytale romances and realistic stories have captivated an untapped audience in India

A korean couple about to kiss underneath a shower of cherry blossoms
Perhaps the most romantic kiss ever? While You Were Sleeping (2017) — on Viki

Improving the sign-up experience on the GoIbibo mobile app

What was the current flow like?

We examined our current Sign-Up page, and identified the problems it carried with it.

How to actually finish what you start

Design vector created by pikisuperstar

I wanted to read a ton of books, write a…

Basic tips for and what to keep in mind while designing UX Cards.

Cards? You mean like Poker?

Close. But no, not exactly.

Don’t call machines intelligent — at least, not yet

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