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  • Adil Siddiqui

    Adil Siddiqui

    Designing @PhonePe

  • Yael Ben-David

    Yael Ben-David

    UX writer specializing in complex products. Passionate about making tech accessible to mass markets. Also a proud em dash enthusiast.

  • Quovantis


    We help leading product companies and innovative startups build delightful digital experiences. medium.com/unboxing-product-management

  • Yuval Keshtcher

    Yuval Keshtcher

    Helping people to create better experiences http://uxwritinghub.com

  • Clem Auyeung

    Clem Auyeung

    Content Designer @ U.Group. Currently helping U.S. government create human-centered digital products and services.

  • Bhavya Patunjal

    Bhavya Patunjal

  • José Torre

    José Torre

    Designer. Working at Shopify by day. Being Halfool on Youtube & Instagram by night.

  • Nidhishetty


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