How to stay creative when you just can’t anymore

I know you’re reading this because you probably go through something similar; you want to know how to stay motivated during these low points.

Put it all down on paper

Categorize your tasks

  1. Things you HAVE to do right now e.g. things that have a deadline, or things that can’t be put off for more than a week
  2. Long-term tasks, that can be put off for a few weeks at most
Know thyself by knowing thy priorities

Design your own deadlines

It’s nothing but a psychological trick. In the back of my mind, as long as I’m not missing my mock deadline, I’m good to go.

Show up! Or not..

Don’t force creativity. If you squeeze out ketchup from an empty bottle, you’re only going to get dried up coagulated lumpy tomato paste.

Workout, and visualise your goals




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