Trick Yourself into Getting Shit Done

How to actually finish what you start

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I wanted to read a ton of books, write a best-selling novel, master playing the Moonlight Sonata, hit the gym and have a social life — all in the same day.

1 · Define your Goals 🎯

If the bubble in your head says “I want to be a writer” turn that into something like “I will write 5 pages every week.”

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2 · Use Visual Aids 📌

  • Pen & paper — undoubtedly the best
  • Post-its
  • Google Keep
  • Your phone’s Calendar
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3 · Fight the FOMO 🤹‍♀️

This looks exhausting.

4 · Set Realistic Deadlines 🗓

Some days, you just want to lie in the sun (Photo by Katie Barrett on Unsplash)

5 · Forget about Results 🌱

When I started practicing yoga, I could barely touch my toes. I did it everyday, giving no thought to what I wanted to achieve. One day, after 3 months, I suddenly realised I could touch my head to my knees!



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